Shock waves




Radial shock wave

What is a shock wave therapy?
Radial shock waves are produced by a pneumatic pulse that creates a movement ballistics. They are applied via a handpiece placed directly in contact with the skin at the site of the lesion. The waves are transmitted to the skin and underlying tissue to reach and treat the affected structures.

Indications of shock waves :

– Tendinopathies
– Calcaneal spurs
– Calcifications
– Trigger points

Course of the session:
– After a clinical examination, installation of the patient in a comfortable position.
– The setting of the unit is done at the level of the pressure, the frequency and the total number of strokes.
– The head of the pistol is applied to the area to be treated for a few minutes.
Generally, after 4 or 5 sessions, 80% of patients are significantly relieved.

– Shock Waves (aesthetic): €40
30 minutes

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